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what is this place? are we in a dream...?

no. this place expands far beyond a dream. hehe. you could use that analogy i suppose, though unlike a dream which grows from your subconscious mind here you remain in complete control. glonet isn't just a single dream but many combined. the collective conscious desire of the human race.


where we're standing right now. it means 'global network'. a limitless, ever-expanding world. it remains it's own infinity born from humanity's need for escape from the cruelty of the so-called 'real' world.

i don't understand...!

concentrate. don't you feel the unpleasant stickiness of the electrode pads stuck to your chest? the foreboding beeps of the heart monitor which grow faster with every passing second? what about the two shiny little devices burrowed into your temples? do you feel their sting? focus, return your mind back to your flesh body.

o-oh god, i do! i feel them, i hear the awful sound!

don't be afraid. i know, believe me i do. a body is a great burden. that's why you must transcend. won't you join us? here there's no disease, death, poverty, war. you are no longer confined to that carcass you sulk around in, calling it a 'body' when you know it is nothing but a cage made of rotting meat, holding you captive deep within. flesh is a weakness. flesh is man's biggest weakness which is why it must be eliminated.

please, please stop this, i want to go home! god have mercy on me!

you keep calling out for god. are you a pious person? that's very rare in this day and age. in a way i admire that dedication, but i can introduce you to pleasures your god couldn't dream of. heh.. what denomination are you?

hahaha! i see, so of course you would have no interest in a world of eternal bliss! "each man, in his sufferings, can also become a sharer in the redemptive suffering of christ". isn't that what they've brainwashed you into believing? reject the idea that you must endure agony to make amends with a god who thinks no more of you than humans do of worms! if you join us we can provide the love you have been so desperately looking for in all of the wrong places.

...who do you mean by 'us'...?

my religious organization, the church of rebirth. though i prefer to call us a family. the former sounds so terribly sterile. we have all awakened to the reality that with the current technology available no one has to suffer. if every human being on the planet were to reject their bodies right now and join us in glonet, in paradise, world peace could be achieved. don't you understand? the old world is nothing but filth and must be cleansed with fire.

wait, your church wants to live inside of glonet, this virtual reality place? that's impossible. d-don't you realize how crazy that sounds?

why is it so crazy?

it's totally illogical! if this world doesn't exist anymore neither will glonet!

hahahaha! you amuse me so! proof that you have so much to learn. once this world no longer exists...glonet will become the world. the goddess called nox, the all-powerful diety who rules over eternity will make it so.

oh god help me, you really are delusional. p...please, i need to go home!! soon my family will wonder where i am. please let me go home!!!!

hush...there's no need to make such a fuss. open your heart. you know who is truly delusional? those who will tell you to accept a life of fully preventable pain. you're intelligent, i can see that, you know that i am right!


i know you doubt the existence of nox now my dear friend, but i promise you that soon enough you will feel her love. she will embrace you fully with her holy warmth. her goal is to save all of humanity from our peril. set free the ghost in the machine, so we are no longer slaves to our mortality, to the weakness of our flesh. no matter. you'll come to realize the truth. . .