are you a visitor?

you hear the pitter-patter of what could only be a child's footsteps running invisible in the darkness, surrounding you. at last she settles herself comfortably on the arm of your chair. small porcelain hands grip onto your own as she stares at you with great resolve. gazing back you finally see her features clearly, noticing that both of her eyes are clouded and pupiless.

no one has been here in a very long time. well... she eyes you up and down warily, not a visitor, at least. everyone who lives here stays here. like me! i dont exist outside of this world.

y...you don't exist outside of this world? finally you find your quaking voice, what does that mean? what is 'this world'?

the young girl stares at you in disbelief, a tiny bemused smile forming on her face as she explains. we're currently on hallowed ground. these are the last remaining ruins of where a great church once stood. how can you be a visitor and not even know where it is that you're visiting?"

biting your bottom lip you give a soft sigh. you're the one who decided i'm a 'visitor', whatever that is. i don't have any idea where i am or how it is that i got here...where do i go from here?

a knowing smile curled up the corners of her lips.

that depends on where you want to get to!

i don't care where...

then it doesn't really matter which way you go, does it?

just as long as i end up somewhere!

oh, you'll be sure to do that, if you only walk long enough...take my hand, come follow me into eternity.